Nuestra historia - VIVENTE

Vivente was created in 2002 to promote organic agriculture and fair trade. In other words, the community is our reason for being. Our project would be unthinkable if there were not a network of producers that feed our production and to whom we owe the life of the brand. We work under a social solidarity economy scheme, thanks to which income is distributed equitably. This reduces social inequalities and promotes education, social welfare and the consolidation of wealth in the groups with the lowest incomes in Mexico.

As a result of the crisis caused by the overproduction of blue agave and in order to support the producers of Cuquio, a municipality that is in a medium degree of marginalization, we look for alternatives for its use in products other than tequila. For this reason, in the year 2000 we began the research and development of new products, which would lead to the construction of organic agave syrup production plants.

The Cardonal Valley is the home of the hñahñus. It is considered a place of high marginalization. Its inhabitants suffer conditions of inequality, poverty and marginalization due to the strong discrimination of their uses and customs.

A few years ago, the government banned the consumption of pulque, as Hidalgo came to occupy the first place in liver cirrhosis in Mexico. Although the ban was successful in reducing the intake of the drink, the harvest of agave salmaiana, on which the community depended economically, became unprofitable and cultivation stopped.

In 2002 we entered, as Nekutli, to look for business opportunities in the community. This is how we forged an alliance with the Union of Cooperatives of Hidalgo (now Xamini) to take advantage of the agave harvest that, in a sustainable way, would help us obtain agave syrup.

To promote the social solidarity economy, both Xamini in Hidalgo and the producers in Cuquio, Jalisco, have become shareholders of Nekutli, SA de CV. With this we integrate the fair trade system and honor their ancestors, who have been harvesting agave for centuries. Under this scheme, Nekutli promotes socially responsible, environmentally self-sustaining and economically feasible development for all.

Nekutli's main goal is not only profitability, but fair reward for the efforts of small producers, along with the support of end users and consumers of the products. The company does not distribute profits among its members; profits are reinvested in new production processes with high technology and in the development of communities.

The communities that have benefited from this alliance are found in two marginalized regions: El Valle del Cardonal in Hidalgo and Cuquio, located in the Altos de Jalisco. From them we obtain the agricultural products that constitute the raw material of our agave syrup.

For Vivente, the most important thing is to reward community work, which is why we unite in a support network for our producers and their families so that they can prosper.

Our main purpose is to be able to integrate the farmers, their families and the ethnic communities that work with us into our value chain.

At Vivente, we seek to reduce migration by generating more jobs in the most disadvantaged communities and favoring family unity and integration; all this with the purpose of preserving ethnic groups such as the Hñahñus, located in the state of Hidalgo, the main farmers with whom we collaborate; for this we generate programs that benefit the improvement of health services, housing and education.

Be healthy, be alive.